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Social Work

Services Provided

  1. Individual, group and family counseling

  2. Social-Emotional Assessment

  3. Assessment, referral and case management

  4. Crisis Intervention Services

  5. Consultation to teachers and parents

  6. Family, school & community collaboration & advocacy

  7. Staff and parent workshops

  • School Social Workers are committed to enhancing the social-emotional growth and academic outcomes of all students. 
  • We envision school social work as a valued, integral part of the education of all children, connecting schools, families and communities.
  • Social work services is a specialization which applies social work principles and methodologies to educational environments with the primary goal of removing any barriers that prevent a student from fulfilling his or her academic potential. Social workers are assigned to every school and center in the school system. Most social workers serve two to three sites.
  • Participating in the special education screening and eligibility process is the primary role responsibility for school social workers serving in general education settings. This includes participating in student-centered meetings, interviewing parents to complete socio-emotional assessments and serving as a member of the school's special education team, to identify students with disabilities. Social workers in general education settings also provide crisis intervention, behavioral consultation and some limited individual and group counseling and parent groups. Social workers in special education centers and programs participate in the re-evaluations process and deliver ongoing direct and indirect services, which include individual, group and family counseling. All social workers serve as liaisons between home, school and community.
Our Social Worker
  Melissa Martinez-cumber ex: 23829 Teacher