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  Sara Attleson ex: 24008 Librarian

Search for Books

Library Catalog access classlink from anywhere - just use your APS school ID and Password.

Expectations in the Library

-Focus will be on creating a reader


  • Reads widely across all genres and types
  • Reads deeply - questioning, analyzing and evaluating
  • Reads independently

Welcome to the Library

Student reading a book in the library
Kennedy MS Library Information/Hours

-The Library is open daily from 8:10 - 3:10.

-The library is open for A, B, and C Lunches.

-Students may check out books during lunches or with their classes. Students are welcome to come during class with a pass from a teacher.

-Students will need a Student ID to check out books . Each student is allowed to check out two books for two weeks as long as they have no overdue or lost books. Students may return books before the due-date. If they need more time they may renew their book.

Databases at Kennedy MS

Databases are edited, vetted, organized and reliable digital resources for research. Databases can be accessed 7 day s a week, 24 hours a day from any computer with internet access. Their credible information also comes with ready-to use-citations. Try Britannica School with links on this page.

When accessing our databases use classlink (my.aps.eud) so you will not have to use separate passwords.

Online Resources

For access to online resources on or off campus, click here and enter your APS school id and password.