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Principal Bortot Among Others That Hopped

a School Bus to See Valuable City’s Resources



On November 29, Kennedy’s Principal Ed Bortot, was among approximately 80 principals from schools in Learning Zones 1 and 2 who hopped two city buses for “The Making Connections Tour.” The tour was organized by ABC Community School Partnership.


The buses, each carrying principals from the two learning zones, stopped at six locations in the city, where a total of 80 or more agencies showcased their much-needed resources and services. The majority of these services are offered at no charge to families and individuals who are struggling financially.


It was the first time that so many school principals, accompanied by adminstrators from the Albuquerque Public School District, got to see up close this many partners, and interact with their representatives.


Principal Bortot was on the Zone 1 bus, which made its first stop at East Central Ministries at 123 Vermont Street, NE, where there were 17 agencies. The second was Children’s Choice Child Care Services, at 6501 Lomas Blvd., NE, with 24 agencies; and the third stop was at Hiland Theater/National Dance Institute, at 4804 Central Ave., SE, with 17 agencies.


Each of the stops was aligned with one of the three pillars of the Community School Framework -– Integrated Student Supports, Family and Community Engagement, and Expanded Learning Opportunities. The services of the agencies at each stop reflected what each pillar represents.


Like the other principals, Mr. Bortot came back to his school with two bags overflowing with handouts and brochures of the many services and resources available to students and families to share with his staff.


Stood Out…


While very impressed with all the resources, one of them got his attention due to its ready access and applicability for some of Kennedy’s families. It’s One Hope Centro de Vida Health Center at East Central Ministries, which also has a dental clinic. Better known as One Hope Clinic, it serves those who are unable to obtain health insurance coverage.


Its clients are those who do not qualify for Medicaid, and cannot afford to purchase health insurance from NM’s Health Insurance Exchange (NMHIX) through the Affordable Care Act, (ObamaCare). Clients pay what is considered an affordable out-of-pocket rate for medical and dental services, and there is help for those who may not be able to afford the already low rates.


“I really want our families to know of this clinic,” said Principal Bortot. For those who have no kind of health insurance, this is definitely a reliable and trusted alternative for them.”


He also liked a unique feature of this clinic - the “exit” interview (Salida) - that each patient has at the end of an appointment. “I think it’s great that every patient sees a community health worker who ensures that the patient’s needs are met, and who follows up with patients after they have left.”


To learn more about One Hope Clinic, or to make an appointment, visit The number is (505) 256-1100;


Principal Bortot at East Central Ministries, the first of six stops of “The Making Connections Tour” on November 29.

Mr. Bortot got in line to get a close-up look at the services 17 community partners that showcased their resources for the low-income at East Central Ministries. The services at this stop reflected one of the three pillars of the Community School Framework - Integrated Student Supports. The other two are Family and Community Engagement and Expanded Learning Opportunities.


Principal Bortot with the school’s community school coordinator, Peggy Jugmahansingh. Peggy, who started the job in October, is working to help ensure that the tenets of the three pillars of a community school (mentioned above) are practiced and maintained. Her role also includes being a family liaison.